Christ Pantocrator Icon Banner Stand

Christ Pantocrator Icon Banner Stand


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Christ Pantocrator Icon Banner Stand

This banner stand is 78" tall by 33" wide and features the icon of Christ Pantocrator. Fully retractable and stored in an aluminum case, it takes less than a minute to extend the telescopic pole and unroll the Christ Pantocrator Icon banner. Each unit includes a nylon travel bag for storage and transport, making the banner stand an excellent tool for priests, professors, and missionaries who travel and spread Christ's reign. This image of Christ Pantocrator dates back to the sixth century and is from St. Catherine's Monastery at Sinai, being one of the oldest Byzantine religious icons. Pantocrator means "all-powerful" or "ruler of the universe." The symbolism found in the icon reveals that Christ is King not just by His Divine nature but also by His human nature: the left side of the image displays His Divinity, while the right side portrays His humanity. His face is pure and beautiful on the left side, with a hand up to give blessings; on the right side, His face is morphed and battered while holding the Gospel book in his arm, displaying His time on earth and earthly mission. Through this image, may we more greatly spread and understand the meaning of "the Word became flesh and dwelt among us." From top-to-bottom, the banner stand measures approximately 78" tall when fully extended. In reality, the banner stand can be extended several inches more, but a total height of 78" is our recommendation for the best combination of visibility and stability. ( STAND-508 )
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