Clergy, Clothing for Mass & Worship

Clergy, Clothing for Mass & Worship
Gorgeous two-toned Celtic pyx, measuring 2 1/2" x 1 1/8", with a satin finish inside. Holds 12 hosts..
Product ID: 200070591
Flagon, 15" tall, 29 oz. capacity. Glass etched with floral design...
Product ID: 200070542
Description: Polyester Includes one No. 50 #2 Comfort Collar. Specify size when ordering. Gift Bo..
Product ID: 200075318
The array of colors supplies the choir with appropriate stoles for the seasons of Pentecost, Lent, E..
Product ID: 200075595
Surplices - Full cut Easy-care 65% Polyester/35% Cotton. Specify size when ordering. -- Poly/Cotto..
Product ID: 200075475
Description: Styled with a low collar and finished adjustable waistband designed to be worn outsi..
Product ID: 200075255
Description: Front wrap panel, snap closure at collar and waist. Half-lined with breast pocket an..
Product ID: 200075262
Description: 100% smooth weave polyester Reinforced stitching and seams Fully lined a..
Product ID: 200075724
Choose your preferred collar height - #2 or #3. * Only includes replacement collar for 145 - bib n..
Product ID: 200094196
Description: Full front zipper Cuffed sleeves No wrinkle fabric Velvet panels withGold Embroidere..
Product ID: 200076056
Full front zipper Cuff ed sleeves Burgundy Jacquard Velvet panels withGold Embroidered Crosses Two s..
Product ID: 200076058
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Product ID: 200157553
Description: Roman Style Cassock, black cord trim, sash loops. Black cloth-covered buttons. Tro..
Product ID: 200075213
Cruet set with Brass, lacquered tray. The glass bottles with handles and stoppers are 6" tall and ho..
Product ID: 200070604
Altar Server Cord Cincture. Cotton 90" L Available in White, Purple White and Red...
Product ID: 200076187
Church Clergy Apparel Double Lace Surplice 2 1/2 Out-of-Stock
From the new Augustinian Collection by R.J. Toomey- of lace insert surplices and albs that is remini..
Product ID: 200088767
Description: Full front zipper Cuffed sleeves No wrinkle fabric Velvet panels wit..
Product ID: 200076057
Description: Cambridge has a complete line of liturgical apparel designed around our very popular..
Product ID: 200076015
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Product ID: 200075412
Description: Easy-care 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Round Neck Surplice Specify size when ordering. ..
Product ID: 200075471
Triple pleats overlay Contrasting border Reverse to solid color Colors match TS997 ..
Product ID: 200076095
Linen Look Polyester Concelebrating Lab has high collar, full sleeves and hidden zipper at shoulder...
Product ID: 200075218
Designed for use during Sacraments of Reconciliation, these stoles are perfect for a priest to use n..
Product ID: 200089016
Cuffs withGold Edging, Tapestry Accents, Liberty Fabric. Custom sizing. Purchase cape and cincture s..
Product ID: 200118056
Speedship Pulpit Robes with Authentic Kente Front..
Product ID: 200109025