Epiphany Home Blessing Explained Card

This 4"x6" card explains the letters and numbers of the traditional Epiphany Home Blessing known as "chalking the door." This beloved Epiphany tradition has been used by Catholics for centuries as a way of inviting the Christ Child into the home and the hearts of those who dwell there.

The blessing is traditionally conducted with chalk on the Feast of the Epiphany by either a priest or the father of the household. After a few short prayers and/or scripture readings, the leader writes the blessing inscription in chalk above the doors to the home.

The traditional blessing has the first two numbers of the current year followed by the letters C, M, B, and the last two numbers of the current year. For example, on Epiphany 2018, the inscription will read 20+C+M+B+18. The letters have a dual-symbolism, representing the three Magi in Christian tradition (Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar) as well as the letters of the Latin phrase "Christus mansionem benedict" (May Christ bless this house).

It is our hope and prayer that these cards be used to spread the knowledge of this wonderful Epiphany tradition that Catholics have practiced for centuries.

Made of 100# cover paper

Available in a pack of 50

Designed and printed at our shop

Height: 6.00
Width: 4.00
Depth: 0.75

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Epiphany Home Blessing Explained Card

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