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Silver Plated Latin Acolyte Cross Necklace w/Chain

2 1/2" silver plated pectoral Latin acolyte cross on a 30" silver plated chain. Comes packaged in a ..

Product ID: 200071581


Pewter Saint John Baptist De La Salle Acolyte Cross w/Cord - 2Pk

Pewter St.John Baptist De La Salle, Acolyte Cross. 2 1/2" on sturdy cord in poly bag.Product Size: 2..

Product ID: 200071282


Luther Seal Acolyte Bronze with Enameled Colors Pendant - (Pack of 2)

Luther Rose Acolyte Pendant. Solid polished bronze with hand enameled colors. 2 1/2" high on sturdy ..

Product ID: 200070870


Episcopal Shield Acolyte Enameled Colors on Bronze Pendant - 2Pk

Episcopal Acolyte Cross Pendant, bronze with enamel colors. 2 1/4" on cord in poly bag. The Episcop..

Product ID: 200071404


Acolyte Jerusalem Cross Enameled Colors Lapel Pin - (Pack of 2)

Acolyte Jerusalem Cross Lapel Pin, 1", hand enameled colors, poly bag packaged. Also available in t..

Product ID: 200071183


Acolyte Gold Plated / Enameled Lapel Pin 1/4in. Post / Clutch Back 2Pk

Acolyte lapel pin. Gold plated with enameled colors, 1", poly bag packaged. The term "Acolyte" gener..

Product ID: 200071265


Acolyte Gold Plated & Enameled Pendant w/Cord - (Pack of 2)

Acolyte Pendant, 2 1/2", gold plated with colors, on blue 33" cord, in poly bag. The term "Acolyte"..

Product ID: 200071157


Acolyte Enameled Lapel Pin 1/4in. Post and Clutch Back - (Pack of 2)

Acolyte lapel pin, hand enameled colors, 1", poly bag packaged. The term "Acolyte" generally refers..

Product ID: 200071263


United Methodist Shield Acolyte Necklace Pendant w/Cord - (Pack of 2)

United Methodist Acolyte Cross Pendant, 2 1/4", gold plated with enamel colors on 28" cord in poly b..

Product ID: 200071152


United Methodist Church Acolyte Lapel Pin - Enamel on Bronze - 2Pk

United Methodist Church 1" bronze Acolyte Pin with inlaid enameled colors in an acrylic gift box...

Product ID: 200071378


Red and Blue Enamel Presbyterian Acolyte Pin - (Pack of 2)

Presbyterian Acolyte Pin.Product Size: 1" X 1" X 1/16"..

Product ID: 200070859


Episcopal Shield Acolyte Gold Plated & Enameled Lapel Pin - 2Pk


Product ID: 200073977


Acolyte Cross Gold Plated & Enameled Pendant Necklace w/Cord - 2Pk

Acolyte Cross, 2", solid bronze gold plated with inlaid colors on 33" blue cord in poly bag. The te..

Product ID: 200071461


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