Clergy, Clothing for Mass & Worship

Reversible Choir Church Stole w/ Embroidered Cross - 6 Pack

The array of colors supplies the choir with appropriate stoles for the seasons of Pentecost, Lent, E..

Product ID: 200075595


Clergy Apparel Plain Box Pleated Surplice

Specify size when ordering. Cassock not included. -- 100% Polyester Size Back Lengt..

Product ID: 200076049


Church Clergy Pulpit Robe

Description: Full front zipper Cuffed sleeves No wrinkle fabric Velvet panels wit..

Product ID: 200076057


Mini Priests Collar Shirtfront Church Clergy Apparel

Our mini clergy shirtfront from R.J. Toomey is fully lined and comes in sizes 14-14 1/2" through 20-..

Product ID: 200075318


Wedding Church Polyester Stole - White w/ Doves & Cross

Description: 100% smooth weave polyester Reinforced stitching and seams Fully..

Product ID: 200075724


Vestment Wooden Hanger - Maple Hardwood - 6 Pack

Description: -- Rubber Wood -- 21-1/2" L..

Product ID: 200076204


Women's Short Sleeve Clergy Shirt - Tab Collar

-- 97% Cotton /3% Spandex..

Product ID: 200094723


Latin Cross and IHS Lace Front Wrap Alb Clergy Apparel

Velcro closure at shoulder. Available in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. Specify size when orde..

Product ID: 200157545


Kids/Adult Altar Server Cassock Church Clergy Apparel

.ms-simple2-main { border-style: none; } .ms-simple2-tl { font-weight: bold; color: black; border..

Product ID: 200075412


Jacquard Trimmed Priest Pulpit Robe

Jacquard Trimmed Pulpit Robe - Full front zipper, No-wrinkle fabric - Ivory White jacquard panels - ..

Product ID: 200075924


Church Clergy Apparel: Vestment Travel Bag

Description: The ideal accessory for storing or traveling with your vestments, pulpit robes or ch..

Product ID: 200076115


Church Altar Server Cord Cincture 90 inch All Cotton

Altar Server Cord Cincture. Cotton 90" L Available in White, Purple White and Red...

Product ID: 200076187


Cambridge Plain Pulpit Robe Church Clergy Apparel - Polyester

.ms-simple1-main { border-left-style: none; border-right-style: none; border-top: 1.5pt solid gre..

Product ID: 200157553


Summertime Semi-Jesuit Cassock

Description: Front wrap panel, snap closure at collar and waist. Half-lined with breast pocket an..

Product ID: 200075262


Round Neck Surplice Church Clergy Apparel

Description: Surplices Round Neck (3" longer) - Full cut. Easy-care 65% Polyester/35% Cotton...

Product ID: 200075469


R.J. Toomey Long Sleeve Neckband Shirt - Many Colors

Neckband Shirts are designed to be worn with Collarettes, Collars and Collar Buttons. Full cut. Two ..

Product ID: 200094206


Front Wrap Alb - Polyester - Velcro Closure

This front wrap alb has a perfectly designed collar that shows well under chasubles. Lays Perfectly ..

Product ID: 200089025


Comfort Collar Single Ply - 2 Pack

Description: #2 (1 1/4" H) or #3 (1 1/4" H) To be worn with all Shirtfronts and Collarettes. Spe..

Product ID: 200113893


Childrens/Kids Monastic Alb w/Hood

 Machine Washable Extra-Long Zipper for Ease of Stepping Into Comfortable and Easy Moving Reinf..

Product ID: 200094673


Year Rounder Roman Cassock Church Clergy Apparel

Description: Polyester Half-lined with breast pocket and lightly padded shoulders. Button front. ..

Product ID: 200075212


Women's Long Sleeve Jersey Knit Clergy Shirt - Neckband Collar

Pictured in short sleeves -- 95% Cotton /5% Spandex Women Neckband Collar knit Shirt M..

Product ID: 200094730


White Cincture w/Tassel Rayon, 158i Large

Cincture with tassels. Rayon 158" L. 3/4" Diameter Clamshell packaging Available in White, Green, ..

Product ID: 200075235


Summer Comfort Jak Shirt Church Clergy Apparel

Description: Styled with a low collar and finished adjustable waistband designed to be worn outsi..

Product ID: 200075255


Story of Christmas Deacon Church Stole

This unique design depicting events from the birth of our Lord, is woven into a fine tapestry stole,..

Product ID: 200088990


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