Pewter Episcopal Church Service Cross w/Chain

Episcopal Church Service Cross 1" Pewter on a 24" Rhodium Chain in poly bag. The Episcopal Church S..

Product ID: 200071514


Luther Rose 3in. Pectoral Community Cross Necklace w/Chain

Large Pectoral Cross with Luther's Seal on the front and Community Symbol on the back. Solid pewter,..

Product ID: 200071220


Small Sorrowful Mother/Passion Crucifix (25 Pack)

Fine Catholic Religious goods from Italy.1 1/4" tall approx...

Product ID: 200171575


Pewter Saint Florian Medal With 24" Silver Tone Chain

Pewter St Florian Medal With 24" Silver Tone Chain And Gift Box Dimension: 1 1/16"..

Product ID: 200209274


Presbyterian 1-1/2in. Gold Plated Cross Pendant w/Color Enamel - 2Pk

Item P-1060. Presbyterian 1-1/2" Gold plated cross with color enamel. A chain is included. Poly bag..

Product ID: 200070858


United Methodist Church Necklace Gold Oval Cross & Flame - 2Pk

<p> 1" gold plated and enameled UMC oval flame and cross pendant on an 18" gold plated chain...

Product ID: 200071572


Sterling Silver Miraculous Medal/27" Chain & Box

Stelring Silver Miraculous Med 27" Rhodium Plated Chain Deluxe Gift Box Included Dimension: 1-1/2" ..

Product ID: 200209500


Necklace Silver Plated Heart Locket W/Gold Cross , 18 Inch Chain

Silver Plated with Gold Cross inlay on an 18 inch Chain..

Product ID: 200206844


Divine Mercy Dog Tag w/Beaded Metal Chain

Display your faith in style with this vibrant, high-quality, glossy dog tag! This durable gift is hu..

Product ID: 200175188


Sterling Silver 2-Tone Crucifix 24 inch Necklace Chain & Gift Box


Product ID: 200101960


Rose Gold Miraculous 18" w/ Chain & Box

Rose Gold Plated Border Sterling Miraculous Medal On 18" w/ Chain & Box. Made In USA. dimension:..

Product ID: 200266373


Red Jasper Natural Stone Cross Necklace, 26 Inch

A beautiful 1 inches red jasper natural stone cross necklace on a 26 inches cord. Also available in ..

Product ID: 200107749


Oval United Methodist Church Cross & Flame Lapel Pin - (Pack of 2)

5/8" UMC gold plated and red enameled clutch back pin. Poly bagged.Product Size: 7/16 x 9/16 x 1/16..

Product ID: 200070793


Yellow Gold Vertical Name Plate Pendant Necklace

KingdomHigh are leaders in fine jewelry one our specialty is creating personalized and unique pieces..

Product ID: 200235836


White Shell Natural Stone Cross Necklace, 26 Inch Cord

A beautiful 1 inches white shell natural stone cross necklace on a 26 inches cord. Also available in..

Product ID: 200107953


United Methodist Church Cross & Flame Pendant w/Chain - 2Pk

3/4" gold plated and enameled UMC cross pendant on a 24" gold plated chain. Choice of chain size 18"..

Product ID: 200070796


Small Plain Polished Heraldry Cross Pendant, 14K Yellow Gold

Small polished plain heraldry cross pendant in 14k yellow gold.Cross measures approx. 7/16" tall (9/..

Product ID: 200241352


Small Pectoral Cross Necklace w/Luther's Seal w/Chain - (Pack of 2)

Small Pectoral Cross with Luther's Seal. Solid cast and polished pewter, 1 3/4" high on 18" chain. I..

Product ID: 200071221


Pewter Cross w/Rope w/18" Silver Tone Chain And Gift Box

Pewter Cross With Rope With 18" Silver Tone Chain And Gift Box..

Product ID: 200209532


Pewter Cross Necklace Dove Cut Out


Product ID: 200102190


Pewter 4 1/4in. Pectoral Cross Necklace w/Chain

Pewter Pectoral Cross for clergy or choir, 4-1/4" on 28" chain in Poly bag.Product Size: 4-1/4" X 3-..

Product ID: 200070695


Zinc Alloy G Clef Music Note Cross Necklace w/Chain - (Pack of 2)

1 1/8" Zinc Alloy G Clef Cross pendant on a 18" rhodium chain. Poly bag packaged.Product Size: 1-1/2..

Product ID: 200070705


United Methodist Church Cross Necklace - Gold Plated - (Pack of 2)

Gold Plated UMC Cross 1-1/4" with black and red enameling on a 18" gold plated chain.Product Size: 1..

Product ID: 200071414


United Methodist Church Cross & Flame Pewter Plated w/Chain - 2Pk

2" UMC Cross and Flame pewter plated pendant on a 24" antiqued pewter plated chain. Packaged in poly..

Product ID: 200070797


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