Travel Sick Call, Mass,

Brown Wool Scapular w/Holy Water Bottle 12/pk

Pieces/Pkg: 12 Material: Embroide..

Product ID: 200112316


Travel Mass Kit - Portable Communion Set for Home, Hospital Visits

<p>R-2008G - Travel Mass Kit. A simple way to bring mass to those unable to attend.</p>..

Product ID: 200070422


Lady Lourdes Holy Water Bottle 12/pk

Description: -- Moulded -- 4" H: 2.5 oz ..

Product ID: 200116162


2 oz. Moulded Holy Water Bottle 24 pk

Description: -- Moulded -- 2oz, 2 x 3 1/2" H ..

Product ID: 200115437


Travel Replacement Holy Water Bottle For Rw 24

RW 24ABTLE Replacement bottle only for RW 24A set...

Product ID: 200143582


Travel Mass Kit-Portable Communion Set Wheels for Home/Hospital Visits

R-2011G - Travel Mass Kit. This case comes complete with rolling wheels for easier transportability..

Product ID: 200070425


Travel Mass Kit w/Case-Portable Communion Set for Home/Hospital Visits

Travel Mass kit. Perfect for blessing those who are not able to attend church. Ideal for visiting t..

Product ID: 200070416


Travel Mass Kit Style-Portable Communion Set for Home/Hospital Visits

Travel mass kit. Ideal for when you are visiting those unable to attend mass. Bring the blessings o..

Product ID: 200070424


Travel Mass Kit Style-Portable Communion Set for Home, Hospital Visits

Travel mass kit. When your patrons are sick and unable to attend mass, you can easily bring this ki..

Product ID: 200070423


Travel Mass Kit Style - Portable Communion Set - Home/Hospital Visits

Travel mass kit. Complete with candles and secure locking travel case. When your patrons are too si..

Product ID: 200070418


Travel Mass Kit Locked Case-Portable Communion Set/Home/Hospital Visit

Travel mass kit. A sturdy, safe, compact way to bring the Lords blessings to those that are too ill..

Product ID: 200070419


Travel Mass Kit - Portable Communion Set Home, Hospital Visits

Description: Includes: Chalice, Paten, Pyx and Glass Holy Water Bottle in a carrying case. -- Vi..

Product ID: 200075714


Travel Mass Kit - Portable Communion Set For Home / Hospital Visits

Travel mass kit. Complete with Candles and an easy to transport case. Great for home and hospital v..

Product ID: 200070417


Travel Communion Altar Chalice & Bowl Set w/Vinyl Pouch Style

Travel set includes:  4 5/8" tall, 7oz. Chalice,  3 1/8" inner bowl which holds 50 host..

Product ID: 200070464


St Benedict Sick Call Set - Portable Blessing Kit

Our St. Benedict Sick Call Set includes a top-quality two-piece wood crucifix and a glass holy water..

Product ID: 200074315


Sick Call Set w/Pyx/Oil Stock/Sprinkler/Case/Crucifix

Includes Hard Case Gold Plate, Pyx..

Product ID: 200131382


Sick Call Set w/Pyx/Oil Stock/Sprinkler/Case

Includes ?Pyx, Hard Case, Gold Plate,&n..

Product ID: 200131383


Sick Call Set Soft Zipper Case w/Shoulder Strap

Travelling Mass Kit, Includes: Chalice with 5" ht. and 3 oz capacity Scale paten, 4 1/8" Candl..

Product ID: 200070420


Shell Holy Water Bottle 3 oz (Pack of 12)

Description: -- PVC -- 3 oz ..

Product ID: 200108702


Portable Mass Kits and Sick Call Sets

All Mass kits supplied as shown with a gold plated chalice and paten, pyx, stainless steel encased s..

Product ID: 200274067


Pastoral Sick Call Set, Pyx/60 Hosts, Oil Stock, Crucifix, Stole, Case

Description: Case: 4-1/4 x 6" W Pyx: nonGold plated 3"dia. 60 hosts Oil Stock: 1" dia x 1-3/8" H ..

Product ID: 200076131


Pastoral Gift/Sick Call Set, Sprinkler, Oil Stock, 7 Host Pyx.

Pastoral Gift Set, Includes: Sprinkler 5 3/8" Oil Stock Pyx with 7 host capacity Hard Vinyl ..

Product ID: 200070565


Pastoral Gift/Sick Call Set, Sprinkler, Cross, Pyx, Oil Stock / Case

This viaticum set may be used for sick calls or administering last rites. Includes: Sprinkler 4 ..

Product ID: 200070426


Pastoral Gift/Sick Call Set, Holy Water Container, Cross, Candles

Sick Call Set, Includes: Crucifix 3 3/4" Candles with holder 3" Holy Water Container 2 1/2" ..

Product ID: 200070564


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