Reversible Choir Church Stole w/ Embroidered Cross - 6 Pack

The array of colors supplies the choir with appropriate stoles for the seasons of Pentecost, Lent, E..

Product ID: 200075595


Wedding Church Polyester Stole - White w/ Doves & Cross

Description: 100% smooth weave polyester Reinforced stitching and seams Fully..

Product ID: 200075724


Story of Christmas Deacon Church Stole

This unique design depicting events from the birth of our Lord, is woven into a fine tapestry stole,..

Product ID: 200088990


Set of 4 Color Alpha Omega Church Stoles w/Tassels 134 inch

Description: Purchase the set of 4 Stoles and Save $30.00!Alpha Omega Stole with Tassels 100% smo..

Product ID: 200075605


Seasonal Church Stole - Descending Dove - Red

The popular red Descending Dove stole is made of 100% smooth weave polyester- this item is fully lin..

Product ID: 200088860


Jacquard Purple/Green Reversible Church Stole

This fully lined reversible jacquard stole has embroidered gold symbolism appropriate for ordinary t..

Product ID: 200075613


Children of the World Tapestry Church Stole - Deacon Style

Description: A must for Children's LiturgiesOur Exclusive Design110" Long Woven Cotton backed, R..

Product ID: 200075760


Way Of The Cross Stole Gold or Purple

?Way of the Cross Stoles: 35% Cotton, 40% Polyste..

Product ID: 200131484


Under Church Stoles Wear Underneath A Chasuble Polyester

These under stoles, designed to wear underneath a chasuble, are made from 100% polyester smooth weav..

Product ID: 200088863


Twelve Apostles Church Stole Clergy Apparel

?Overlay Stoles: 40% Cotton, 40% Polyster, 10% Lu..

Product ID: 200110671


Story of Christmas Tapestry Church Stole

Description: The Story of Christmas stole has events encompassing the birth of our Lord woven int..

Product ID: 200075665


St Francis/San Damiano Church Stole

?Overlay Stoles: 40% Cotton, 40% Polyster, 10% Lu..

Product ID: 200109799


Sing Praise to the Lord Choir Church Stole Pack of 6

The words: "Sing Praise to the Lord" are embroidered in gold on this satin choir stole. Weights are..

Product ID: 200094679


Set of 4 Seasonal Church Stoles Francia Polyester 110 inch

Description: The combination of 4 stoles in the Stoles for all Seasons set are perfect for Ordina..

Product ID: 200075585


Set of 4 Embroidered Alpha Omega Church Stoles

Description: 100% smooth weave polyester Fully lined Our Exclusive design 110" L Available in the..

Product ID: 200075702


Set of 4 Clergy Church Stoles Polyester - 110 inch Long

Description: Purchase the set of 4 Stoles and Save $10.00!This set of 4 stoles will provide appro..

Product ID: 200075611


Set of 2 Reversible Church Stoles

Description: Exclusive designs. This set of 2 reversible stoles has appropriate symbolism and co..

Product ID: 200108905


Set of 2 Jacquard Reversible Church Stoles

Exclusive designs Reversible stoles match reversible paraments 100% Jacquard polyester Clean finish ..

Product ID: 200075614


Seasonal Church Stole - Lamb - White

The popular white Lamb stole is made of 100% smooth weave polyester- this item is fully lined with r..

Product ID: 200088861


Seasonal Church Stole - Crown of Thorns - Purple

The popular purple Crown of Thorns stole is made of 100% smooth weave polyester- this item is fully ..

Product ID: 200088859


Reversible Ribbon Reconciliation Church Stole w/Fleur De Lis Cross

-- 100% Polyester- smooth weave -- 1-1/2" W x 48" L..

Product ID: 200094718


Reversible Reconciliation Church Stoles - Purple/White

Designed for use during Sacraments of Reconciliation, these stoles are perfect for a priest to use n..

Product ID: 200089016


Reversible Holiday Church Stole

Description: Fully Lined Clean Finish Seams Exclusive Designs Reinforced Embroidered Stitching ..

Product ID: 200075624


Reversible Church Stole: Red & White

Description: Exclusive designs. Features embroidered dove on red side and cross on white side. Re..

Product ID: 200075569


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