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White Acrylic Usher Church Badge Magnetic UM 3 x 1in. (2 Pack) - 2Pk

3" X 1" White acrylic usher badge with Cross & Flame. You choice pin or magnetic backProduct Size: 3..

Product ID: 200070969


Usher Jerusalem Cross Gold Plated & Red Enamel Lapel Pin - 2Pk

Usher Jerusalem Cross gold plated with red enamel lapel pin. Poly bag packaged. (For picture see A-2..

Product ID: 200071305


Usher Enameled Lapel Pin 1/4in. Post & Clutch Back - (Pack of 2)

Usher Lapel Pin with enameled colors in poly bag.Product Size: 7/8 x 7/8 x 1/16..

Product ID: 200071206


Usher Church Gold Plated Badge Large, Easy to Read (2 Pack) - 2Pk

Please note: If you choose to engrave this item and proceed to submit the order, the order cannot be..

Product ID: 200070975


United Methodist Church Usher Enamel on Bronze Lapel Pin - (Pack of 2)

1" bronze Usher Pin with inlaid enameled colors. Poly bag packaging.Product Size: 1 x 1 x 1/16..

Product ID: 200071416


Pewter & Enamel Hospitality/Usher Pendant w/Chain - (Pack of 2)

Hospitality/Usher Pendant, 2 1/4", pewter with colors on chain in poly bag.Product Size: 2-3/16" X 1..

Product ID: 200073927


Jerusalem Cross Usher Church Badge Large, Easy to Read (2 Pack) - 2Pk

1" x 3" gold plated and black enameled Jerusalem cross badge. Magnetic or pin back available upon r..

Product ID: 200070965


Gold Plated/Black Enameled Latin Cross Usher Church Badge (2 Pack) 2Pk

1" x 3" gold plated and black enameled Latin cross badge. Magnetic or pin back available upon reque..

Product ID: 200070966


Episcopal Usher Gold Plated & Enameled Lapel Pin - (Pack of 2)

Episcopal Usher Pin - 1" gold plated with enamel colors. Poly bag packaged.Product Size: 1 x 1 x 1/1..

Product ID: 200071338


Church Usher Badge Large, Easy to Read, w/Bar Pin - 2Pk

Usher Badge, 3" wide. Large, easy to use, easy to read. With bar pin in poly bag. Product Size:..

Product ID: 200071186


Bronze & Enamel Usher/Hospitality Pendant w/Cord - (Pack of 2)

Usher/Hospitality Pendant, 2 1/2", bronze with colors, on 33" blue cord in poly bag.Product Size: 2 ..

Product ID: 200073928


Grape Crushers Square Pot 15in. Fiber Stone Resin In/Outdoor Statue

NOTE: Requesting status updates will prolong the production process of your order. This item is mad..

Product ID: 200069681


Shield Usher Dogbone Badge Custom W/magnet or Pinback (4 Pack)

USHER/Custom shield dogbone badge is 5" long. Choose between a sturdy pinback closure or a very st..

Product ID: 200065828


Fancy Round Usher Dogbone Custom W/magnet (4 Pack)

Custom/USHER Fancy Dogbone Badge is 4 inches long. Please note that these badges are personal..

Product ID: 200065938


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