Wearing and Caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sometimes skin discoloration can occur when the ring is new, as the ring and body chemistry are adjusting to each other.  The ring is made from solid sterling silver so the silver cannot “come off”.  Our sterling silver is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other alloys. 
Occasionally, a person will wear a sterling silver ring for a few days and a black film called tarnish will appear.  Tarnish is the result of the skin’s reaction to sterling silver and is produced by sulfuric oxide in the atmosphere and/or by certain foods or body salts. Generally if the perso continues to wear the ring, the tarnish will disappear in a few weeks.  Otherwise, it can be removed with the polishing cloth.  On rare occasions, the body may react to the copper alloy in sterling silver and turn the finger a slightly green color.  If this happens, you can simply wash your hand thoroughly, clean the silver with the polishing cloth, and remove the ring at night to allow the skin to breathe.
It is important to use a polishing cloth to keep it looking shiny.  Sterling silver can be easily cared for using a soft toothbrush, mild liquid dish soap, and water.  Harsh commercial cleaners can damage fine jewelry and should not be used.
We recommend removing the jewelry when sleeping, showering, and swimming, to prolong its life.