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Church Altar Flagon, 15in. Tall, 40 oz. Slender Design

Flagon, 11" tall, 40 oz. capacity, glass...

Product ID: 200070543


Church Altar Flagon Height is 6 inch, 16 oz. w/Etched Cross

This wide glass flagon is 6" tall and holds 32 oz. The glass is etched with a cross on the front...

Product ID: 200070541


Chuch Ornate Censer and Boat Set - Brass

This lovely ornate, brass censer with boat set is beautifullyDetailed using the finest materials. Th..

Product ID: 200088850


Brass With Satin Finish Adjustable Angle Bible Stand

RW 700 Constructed of heavy-gauge brass with satin finish. Adjusts easily to any angle. Three-ste..

Product ID: 200143345


300 Host Brass Ciborium w/Loaves & Fishes Cover

Description: Brass, Holds 300 Hosts (not included) -- 3 1/2" Dia x 2" H..

Product ID: 200075748


24in. Candle Lighter w/Bell Snuffer

Some assembly required. Wax tapers purchased separately. -- Brushed Brass with Wood Handle -- 24" L..

Product ID: 200094683


2.5 inch Glass Holy Water Bottle with Gold Cross Design (6 Pack)

2.5" Glass Holy Water Bottle with Gold Cross Design..

Product ID: 200126847


12 inch Advent Refill Tapers Pack of 24

With the demise of the Roman Empire and the invasion of the pagan Anglo-Saxons, Christians in Britai..

Product ID: 200094576


Wilbaum Brass Candle Follower

Wilbaum Followers are made from solid spun brass, carefully handcrafted piece by piece.<p> Th..

Product ID: 200094595


Weekly Polarlite Candle Pack of 12

The eternal light in the church, symbolic of the Light of Christ and his eternal love for us, reache..

Product ID: 200094211


Votive Stand - 25 Candles

This custom-designed wrought iron votive candle stand carefully crafted from all metal components ..

Product ID: 200094720


Two Cruets & 9 1/2 x 6in. Brass Tray

Set - CB 1 Bottles / 508B Tray 9 1/2" x 6"..

Product ID: 200070602


Two Church Altar Lead Crystal Glass 8 inch Tall, 8 oz Cruet Set

Cruets, pair. 8" tall, 8 oz. capacity, lead crystal...

Product ID: 200070468


Two Church Altar Glass 8 3/8 inch Tall, 5 oz Cruet Set

Pair of cruets, 8-3/8" tall, 5 oz. capacity, lead crystal...

Product ID: 200070481


Two Church Altar Glass 8 1/8 inch Tall, 10 oz Cruet Set

Pair of cruets, Each is 8-1/8" tall,  Each holds a 10 oz. capacity...

Product ID: 200070474


Two Church Altar Glass 6 inch Tall, 10 oz Cruet Set

Glass Cruet Set with handles and an etched cross design on the bottles. Sold in a pair, each cruet i..

Product ID: 200070479


Travel Mass Kit - Portable Communion Set Home, Hospital Visits

Description: Includes: Chalice, Paten, Pyx and Glass Holy Water Bottle in a carrying case. -- Vi..

Product ID: 200075714


Traditional American Design Flagon Silverplate w/Gold Lining/60 oz

ASA 902G Traditional American Design Silverplate goldlined flagon. An elegant classic. Easy to cl..

Product ID: 200143572


Traditional American Design Chalice - Silverplate w/ Gold Lined 9 oz

ASA 900G TRADITIONAL AMERICAN DESIGN Chalice silverplate w/ gold lining. An elegant classic. Easy..

Product ID: 200143541


The Brown Scapular Pamphlet - (Pack of 100)

Pieces/Pkg: 100 Material: Paper ..

Product ID: 200110236


Standing Church Angel Altar Cross With Oak Base, 24 inch

RW 6024K Angel Altar Cross Silvertone Cross with Oak base. 24" h, 12" w, 1/4" d., 4 lbs..

Product ID: 200143410


Standing Church Altar Silvertone Aluminum Cross 7 inch Tall

RW 3007A Silvertone Aluminum Cross, 7" h, 2 lbs..

Product ID: 200143532


Standing Church Altar Brass Cross - 36in. Tall, Three-Step Base

RW 1036 BRASS ALTAR CROSS, THREE STEP BASE. 36" h, 17" w, 1" d, 22 lbs.Due to the price of this it..

Product ID: 200143755


Solid Brass Urethane Coated Processional Cross Head 20 inch Tall

RW 720 Cross Options, Processional Cross head only. Solid brass components are protected by an exc..

Product ID: 200143258


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